WordPress Bitcoin Themes

WordPress Themes for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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WordPress Themes for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

10 of the best WordPress Themes for your Website

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a vision of the future!

For example, in early 2018 Bitcoin was recognized as an official form of payment in Venezuela. Of course, currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Dash and Co are still subject to many fluctuations and there are still many myths around cryptocurrency.

This is your chance!

With your website and the right WordPress theme, you can make a name for yourself as a trusted cryptocurrency specialist. Your visitors will entrust your money and trade on your side.

But that does not have to be the only source of income for you. Some of these topics have also incorporated a WooCommerce store where you can sell mining accessories and more. Either directly from your company or as an affiliate marketing partner.


You can not stop the Bitcoin train! That’s a fact! The only question is: when do you jump up?


Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization. It became the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network for use without a central authority or intermediary. With this fully responsive WordPress Bitcoin blog theme, you can create a fully functional Bitcoin buy and sell website that will attract many customers.

Created by a team of dedicated web developers, this template contains everything your Bitcoin company needs for its website. Use this amazing Bitcoin WordPress theme to create your own website for your Bitcoin company and customize it the way you want to highlight it.

Bitunit - 75 $
Crypto - 19 $


The WordPress Bitcoin Theme Crypto is the perfect theme for cryptocurrency based blogs. In addition to regular blogging features, Crypto offers many special cryptocurrency features that make it the most sought-after topic for merchants, commenters and viewers. It offers several types of monetization and can be used for Blockchain, BitCoin, AltCoins, and any other cryptocurrency topic.

Do you know that there are over 1300 cryptocurrencies today? The amazing thing about the statistic is that the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has already reached $ 800 billion.



Do you offer professional cryptocurrency and investment advice? Are you an ICO consultant? If you’re an expert focused on cryptocurrency or bitcoin trading and investment, the Blockchain WordPress theme will help you become more successful. The Crypterio theme benefits from a clean, yet functional design, based on extensive industry research.

With the Crypterio WordPress Theme, you get a powerful WordPress solution for an ICO landing page and a professional website for ICO Advisor and / or Cryptocurrency Investments.

Crypterio - 59 $
Rebyte - 75 $


Do you need a website for your Bitcoin project? The WordPress Bitcoin Trading Theme “Rebyte” is the way! This will make your website available around the world and on any popular device.

Trust is very important especially in this business! Therefore, with this WordPress Bitcoin theme, you can share all the testimonials of satisfied customers through the trusted testimonial feature. Would you like to write an open letter to customers? You can express your opinion simply by a personal blog feature.


The WordPress Cryptocurrency Theme Cryptic is the perfect solution for both novice and expert crypto currency marketers. It’s certainly your first choice when it comes to Cryptocurrency Investments and ICO Agencies WordPress themes.

The nice thing about teh Cryptocurrency WordPress theme is that it’s hassle-free as it’s compatible with all devices, browsers and platforms, retina-enabled and as fat as the crypto-currency market itself. All the customization options are available in the front-end editor and they’re not Programming skills required to edit, enhance, remove, or add custom blocks to a page.

Cryptic - 59 $
Coinster - 49 $


The WordPress Crypto Template Coinster is designed to create a website dedicated to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Wallet, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. It has a cryptocurrency calculator that you can use to evaluate an option to buy and sell Bitcoin. Also, a Bitcoin mining site where you can sell mining equipment.

This WordPress theme has many options, all its elements are customizable and can be customized in a customizer sidebar to your liking. In addition, you can use a Drag’n’Drop Unyson Page Builder to create any page you like and choose between a standard wide layout and a box layout. The design also includes three predefined color schemes. Just choose the format you like best.



The Bitcoin WordPress Theme “ChainBit” is perfect for creating your website if you are in the finance, cryptocurrency, mining or financial consulting industry. The design immediately creates trust, conveys modernity and dynamism. Of course on all screens and in Retina quality!

The WordPress theme ChainBit is very easy to configure. This can be done either via the Control Panel or via the Visual Composer Plugin. The latter allows you to create a website from scratch with the great uniqueness of the design. There are sample pages about us, services, ratings, calculate value and contact details.


ChainBit - 75 $
Crypton - 53 $


The world is obsessed with Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Bitcoins, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Mining Rigs, Mining Farms and you ask: What is a Mining Rig? How do you mine bitcoins?
This theme is perfect for a Cryptocurrency Blog, Bitcoin Blog, Cryptocoach, Cryptocurrency Accessories Store, Online Magazine, Crypto Coach, Blockchain Specialist, Financial Advisor, Business Consultant or Mining Device Seller.

Create your successful blog or Bitcoin Magazine with this WordPress theme!



The WordPress Crypto Theme Tolarcek is your WordPress topic with the largest amount of cryptocurrencies if you want to be stylish in the bitcoin and crypto industry. You do not have to build from scratch. If you are looking for a powerful tool for creating great websites for the crypto currency market, you are in the right place.

What’s unique about Tolarcek is how easy and effortless it is to manage and maintain a website. This also makes us an important thing. Everyone can take full advantage of Tolarcek. Beginners and advanced website builders!

Tolarchek - 49 $
Crypico - 59 $


This WordPress Bitcoin theme has been developed for all websites dealing with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Wallet, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. In addition, a WooCommerce shop is integrated, in which you can easily sell mining accessories!

The WordPress cryptocurrency theme also has a cryptocurrency calculator that allows you to evaluate an option to buy and sell Bitcoin. Add to that the theme with the best-selling slider plugin – FREE Slider Revolution and the awesome Visual Composer plugin. This will save you more money than you spend on the top.

WordPress Bitcoin ThemesNo matter what topic you decide to create your WordPress site for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, make your site international. Reach more customers and visitors to your site with translations into other languages. These topics are ready to be translated, with the WPML translation plugin you can also reach Bitcoin Traders in other countries!

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